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Coffey Copy + Content

My name is Sarah Coffey and I’m a freelance copy and content writer and copyeditor supporting businesses and non-profits in their endeavors with the written word.

Please peruse my website and get to know me and my work; I’d love to assist you with your copy and content needs.

Years of experience writing academically, in journalism, and in business led me to branch out on my own as a freelancer. I take great joy in using my passion for writing to help your business or non-profit achieve goals, whether they’re to increase site traffic, foster trust with the consumer, or attract new clients with beautiful web and print copy.

What I Offer

First and foremost, I offer my full attention on each of your projects. Your project isn’t just “one among many” — it’s my philosophy to work intentionally to provide each of my clients with writing and editing of value, and that will exceed expectations.

  • COPYWRITING: Copy meant to attract attention & persuade. Includes web copy, brochures, ad/sales copy, email campaigns, press releases, newsletters.
  • CONTENT WRITING: Written content intended to inspire, inform, and build your client’s trust. This includes blog posts, articles, and social media content. I can help you with topic creation, or I can create content based on ideas you already have.
  • COPYEDITING: Comprehensive and attentive copyediting of text you’ve already written. I can provide a simple proofread (basic grammar, mechanics, clarity), or a more thorough copyedit (suggesting changes in content, format, organization, in addition to grammar, mechanics, and clarity).

A few additional notes:

  • I’m skilled and experienced in utilizing SEO techniques that will draw increased traffic to your site i.e., using headers, bullet points, concise wording, meta descriptions, and keywords.
  • I’m happy to work with digital marketing agencies in helping them provide quality copy and content for their business clients.

How it Works

Every freelancer works a bit different. Here’s a brief run-down of the process I follow to ensure clear communication and a working relationship that’s agreeable to both of us:

  • Request a quote: contact me and tell me about your business/organization and your project. I’ll give you a customized, detailed quote based on the amount of research, writing, editing, and time involved so you can decide if I’m a good fit for your project, and so there aren’t any surprises down the line.
  • Letter of agreement: We’ll both sign a pretty straightforward “letter of agreement” simply stating our expectations. This can also include a non-disclosure agreement, if desired.
  • Provide clear deadlines: Let me know when you need your copy, content, or editing. I work well on deadlines!
  • Payment: You can pay via Paypal or by check. Payment is expected upon receipt of deliverables.

Why hire me?

Why work with me instead of someone else? Three reasons: experience, passion, and attention.

My resume highlights my extensive experience writing for various contexts and across a variety of different niches, including:

  • speeches and memos for members of the US House of Representatives
  • white papers and research for the Hudson Institute and Department of Defense
  • articles for peer-reviewed academic journals like The Confluence and Aletheia 
  • creating social media content for non-profits
  • journalistic writing and blogging for Catholic News Service

Writing is second nature, as I’ve spent so much of my life putting pen to paper in professional settings. I’ve built a client base of small businesses and non-profits and my passion for writing drives my interest in working with new organizations to help them reach their goals through engaging copy and content.

You can count on personalized attention from me: I approach my projects intentionally, and see them as the client sees them–as an investment… meaning I’ll make the best use of my time to give you the best possible result.

Let’s work together! Click here to request a quote.