If you’re a business owner or non-profit manager, have you ever seriously considered working with a copywriter? You’ve got deadlines to meet, quotas to fill, and funds to raise but most importantly, you’ve got a message you believe in, and in order to pursue your mission, you need to get that message out to your audience.

Your work consumes much of your time. But you know that, in order to get your message out there, you’ve got to write blog posts, craft tweets, compose email campaigns, edit proposals, and write web copy and newsletters.

Sounds like you need a copywriter. 

A copywriter can give a voice to your message, and take a significant load off your shoulders by writing quality copy and content that gets your message onto the screens and into the hands of your audience.

But what exactly is copywriting, and why should it matter to a business or non-profit organization?

What is Copywriting?

Copywriting, strictly speaking, is text that converts potential clients and donors to actual clients and donors. It’s on the advertising and sales side of things… whether thats selling a product, service, idea, or cause.

This is different than what could be called “content” writing… i.e. blog posts, social media content, etc. Content for blogs, especially, is generally much longer that copywriting projects, and is written to inform, build trust, and provide a resource to an audience.

Copywriting is text that calls to action — text that doesn’t ask your reader to patronize your business, but instead frames your message in such a way that shows the reader what you can give to them when they choose to patronize your business.


Plain ol’ sales email text: “Dear John; I have a great selection of low-mileage, late model cars available at great rates. Give me a call today and we can discuss your options, budget, and what you’re looking for in a new car.”

Text created by a copywriter: “Dear John; I hear you’re looking for a new car. Our dealer can put you in a low-mileage, late-model sedan or SUV at a price you can afford. We look forward to working with you and getting you in a great car at a price you’ll love.”

Notice the difference? And that’s just one watered-down example.

Copywriting encompasses most of the written material an organization needs, such as:

  • web page copy – any page with text, such as your “About” page, services pages, landing pages. etc.
  • brochures and flyers
  • newsletters
  • email campaigns
  • ad copy

Customized copy puts your business and your mission into words and gives you a unique voice. And a copywriter can give you a voice that doesn’t just give your audience information, but provides them with a reason for reaching out to you.

Good copy converts — that is, good copy turns prospective clients into actual clients.

Copywriting can be your organization’s key to quality leads, increased web traffic, and an uptick in sales or donors. A copywriter can help make that happen.

Why Hire a Copywriter?

In addition to the fact that writing good copy takes time — and you’ve got a lot of other things on your plate as you run a business! — hiring a copywriter can bring an objective third party into the picture, and can give your brand a unique and innovative voice. Consider just a few reasons why your business will benefit from consulting the professional services of a copywriter:

1. Make an impression on your audience.

Good copy tells your audience who you are and why you matter to them. Copywriters can take words a step further in your promotional materials, including websites, brochures, etc., and make a connection with your audience rather than just tell them things.

Copy that invite the reader into the organization are absolutely more effective than those that just spew information.

Copy that is engaging and that readers can relate to can also mean the difference between readers scrolling past your or readers actually taking the time to read your material and pursue your organization further. The text on your website, in your brochures, and email campaigns is often an opportunity to make a good first impression. If that text is rote and boring, your material will end up in the trash can or deleted folder.

A copywriter not only saves you time; but also comes to you with a fresh, outsider perspective. This makes it easier to create relatable, engaging content from the perspective of the consumer.

Hiring a copywriter an investment that will help your business generate more fruitful relationships with your audience. 

2. Put Your Brand into Words.

Copywriters allow you to take your distinct brand, your business or organization, and your mission and put those into powerful, actionable words that convert.

Your website won’t get much traffic, and won’t direct people to make a purchase, pursue your service, or support your non-profit if it lacks text that motivates and gives them good reason them to do so. Images are great, but they just aren’t enough.

Likewise, long, wordy email campaigns and thick blocks of text in brochures do nothing to convey your message in a way that truly shows your audience why they should care about your organization.

Having good copy on your website, in your brochures, and email campaigns helps your media serve their purpose as a launch point in the relationship between your business and your client. 

3. Make your copy work for you with search engine optimization.

Perhaps you’ve seen the term “SEO” thrown around the internet but don’t know what it means for you. It stands for “search engine optimization” and it’s the ticket to more web traffic, better readability in your web content, and higher search engine rankings.

Copywriters with skill in SEO can create content that not only expresses your brand in the best way, but can also truly make your content work for you by extending the reach of your content. This can be done by utilizing key words, focusing on readability, strategically using headers, and other various SEO techniques.

A Copywriter is a Great Investment

You could certainly try to write all the copy you need for your business on your own; but you may or may not have the skills, the time, and the perspective to create good copy that will work for you and get results.

Outsource it. Hire a copywriter that can put your brand into words and draw clients by engaging text that makes a strong first impression, puts your mission into actionable words, and works to get you more traffic and more committed readers.

As an investment in the future of your business, it’s worth it.


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