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Tips from a Copywriter: How to Write About Yourself & Your Business

Writing about your business is an inevitable challenge that every business owner has to face at some point. Writing an About page, writing a lead magnet, writing website copy… sure, you can hire a copywriter for these projects, but there may be times when you need to hammer out a few sentences or paragraphs on your own. 

As a copywriter, I frequently hear from my clients that they struggle to write about themselves and writing about their businesses. In fact, that’s one reason they frequently reach out to me. They’re stuck and need an objective third party to help them say what they want to say. 

Why Writing About Your Business is a Challenge

I’ll be the first to admit that writing about yourself is HARD! Even as a professional writer, I struggle sometimes to write about myself. It’s much easier for me to put myself in the shoes of one of my clients and churn out an “About” page or write social media content in their voice than it is to do so for myself and my own business.

Why is it so difficult? In my own experience, there are a few reasons why I get stuck.

One is that I’m a perfectionist. If I don’t articulate what I’m thinking in words well the first time, I get stuck in an endless cycle of type, delete, repeat… over and over again.

Another is imposter syndrome — it’s a common experience of creatives (and people in general, really) that is characterized by a sense of fear of being “discovered” as a “fraud”. “I’m not good enough,” or “I have no idea what I’m doing”… when in fact you ARE good enough and you DO know what you’re doing are examples of this experience. It’s when we can’t accept our success and accomplishments for what they are. When we can’t internalize these things, it’s pretty hard to write about them competently.

And a third is complexity… I think when we are trying to write about ourselves, there is actually a LOT we could say because we understand all the complexities and intricacies of who we are better than an outsider. There is SO much we could say, we get hung up on the minutiae and can’t zero in on the most important points.

How to Write About Business & Yourself with Ease 

Given that this is a more common experience than we may realize, here are a few ways you can forge ahead in writing about your business and yourself despite the challenges of doing so. These apply whether you’re writing an About page, a bio for some other medium, or copy and content for your own business.

  • KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE. Who are you writing for? Readers of your about page will care about certain details that readers of your resume won’t. Gauge your content based on who you’re writing for & what matters to them.
  • FOCUS ON SHOWING, NOT TELLING. Saying “I’m a hard worker” is a little cringey… so why don’t you just tell me about your skills, what you’ve done, and what drives you – then I’ll conclude you’re a hard worker without you having to tell me.  Using specific examples in any context is usually preferable!
  • UNDERSTAND YOUR BRAND. Who are you as a person, and a brand? Be clear and consistent. It helps me to make a list of descriptive words that describe the brand I’m writing for. You may or may not use these words in your writing, but they should give you a starting point and help you clarify your message and your brand voice. Let your brand & your unique personality shine through in your words.
  • SET ASIDE IMPOSTER SYNDROME! Just start writing without regard for how it sounds initially set it aside. You can edit later — but avoid being too eager to hit “delete” and just get your ideas on paper first. Edit later. You have something to share with the world no one else does – own it and lean into your skills, accomplishments, & successes.

Writing About Your Business Doesn’t Have to Be a Nightmare!

Writing about your business doesn’t have to make you dread opening a new Google Doc, and it doesn’t have to be a source of stress in the day to day operations of your business. Employ a few of these tips or drop your favorite hacks in the comments!

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