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Creating A Brand Voice for Encounter Grace: A Case Study

If you’re a business owner, you’ve probably heard the terms “brand” and “brand voice” more than a few times. But have you taken time to consider what these terms mean for you? Can you write confidently in your own brand voice? Do you feel your company has consistent and effective brand messaging?

Your brand voice is the language you use and the way you speak to your audience — it’s a key aspect of what makes your business unique. And much of this is done through copy and content. 

Encounter Grace (EG) is a Catholic women’s ministry based in Southern Maryland, and this is what the ministry was looking for when they reached out to me for help with brand messaging for their fall conference. 

Check out this case study where I describe how I created a comprehensive Brand Messaging Guide for Encounter Grace! 

What the Client Needed: A Brand Voice 

encounter grace brand voice branding

Like many business owners and non-profit leaders I’ve encountered (myself included…), Laura Roland, co-founder of EG, told me she knew what she wanted to say when it came to marketing their upcoming women’s conference. She just had trouble putting the words together into a powerful and cohesive message. 

EG wrote all of their own copy and created their own brand messaging plan for a previous conference, but became worried this cost them potential attendees. They felt the message got lost and wasn’t speaking directly to their ideal customer, the ones who were most interested in taking action. 

When you’re really close to a product or a project, it can be hard to step back enough to write with a bird’s eye view, bringing all the benefits, values, and vision together. I have the very same struggle writing for my own business, at times 🙂 

More specifically, EG needed language with which to write about the conference in their marketing and promotional materials. They needed a “copy kickstart” so to speak — not the entire marketing plan done for them, but direction and a baseline from which to start with a framework to build from. 

Here’s What I Created for The Client

Watch a video scroll through of the Brand Messaging Guide here.

To solve this problem, I created a consistent messaging plan built around the mission of EG and the values and benefits offered by the conference. I formed a voice for their message, their brand, and their event that was specifically written to target the pain points of their ideal customers. 

Here’s what that looked like: 

  • I surveyed past attendees using a simple Google Form to gain a better idea of *who* the ideal customer was and what needs were met by attending a past conference. 
  • I created a report on this survey which helped me draw out the main pain points and create an ideal customer persona. All of the content was geared towards this ideal customer.
  • From there, I created a comprehensive Brand Messaging Guide, which included: 
    • A description of the key benefits of the conference + copywritten snippets that EG can include in marketing materials 
    • Language on the conference’s theme 
    • Content snippets that can be used in marketing materials when connecting with vendors and telling them about EG and what to expect 
    • Key phrases and buzz words to use 
    • Additional content suggestions for implementing the guide 

Each of these sections had a description written with the audience’s pain points in mind, as well as copywritten content that can be easily lifted from the Google Doc and placed into their marketing and promo materials.

The End Result 

While the conference itself has been postponed due to COVID-19, Laura is confident this guide will help them connect more directly with their audience, gain more conference registrants, and communicate the benefits and value of their conference with clarity and ease. She says: 

Sarah is a true professional and on this third project she exceeded my expectations.  Materials are delivered on-time and on-budget, presented in a professional manner.  I appreciate her attention to detail.  The time she spends getting to know her clients is time well spent as it helps her nail down messaging and branding, helping organizations like mine find their voice.   – Laura Roland

Thank you, Laura, for this wonderful testimonial! It was an honor to work on this project for you! 🙂

Think a Brand Messaging Guide would be helpful for your own business, launch, event, or non-profit? Reach out to me here!  


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