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How to Use Holistic Health Content to Connect with Your Ideal Client

The key is to use your content to educate your audience on their needs.

Every business owner in the holistic health space each has their own unique mission and content. But also, as business owners no matter our field, we ultimately want to make sales, right? There’s no shame in this. It’s how we keep the doors open, the lights on, and our families fed. And it’s how we continue to serve our people and change their lives with our unique gifts. 

To sell, we have to connect with people looking for the solution we provide. Connecting with your ideal buyer, then, is a matter of figuring out how to resonate with your ideal buyer’s pain points in the most effective, impactful way. 

One of the best ways for holistic health professionals to make powerful connections with their audience is through content. If you are looking for creative ways to connect with your audience as a holistic health and wellness professional through your content, consider how you can effectively and sensitively educate your audience on their need for your product or service.

Educating Your Audience on Their Needs through Holistic Health Content

The first stage of the buyer’s journey is “awareness.” This is when your ideal buyer becomes aware they have a problem. But at this point, they don’t know what the best solution to this problem is — and they certainly do not yet see that *you* and your services or products are the best solution. 

You can connect with this segment of your audience by focusing your holistic health content on three main objectives… 

  1. Explain their pain points in a relatable way. 

Before you can speak about and into your audience’s pain points — their struggles, their concerns, their needs — you need to know how they describe them. Find out how your ideal buyer is describing their problems. A few places you can look: 

  • Inquiry forms
  • Instagram/FB messages 
  • Emails with past prospective clients
  • Testimonials where the client is describing what you helped them with and why they hired you 

You can also just ask your prospective client what their pain points are! 

When writing content like social media posts or blog posts on common problems of your ideal buyer, avoid using overly flowery or scientific language — unless you determine this is what your audience needs and wants to hear and responds well to. Explain concepts as if you’re explaining them to a lay person, but have an idea of your audience’s level of knowledge about the topic. Oversimplifying can be insulting. 

  1. Show your understanding of their pain points. 

Through your content, you can show your ideal buyer that you understand their problems by creating valuable content that is helpful and that they can take and use or implement. This is where content that positions you as an expert in solving the pain points comes in. Blog posts, Instagram Lives, social media posts, and emails that acknowledge common pain points and show you speaking articulately on them are powerful! 

This is also where health messaging with empathy comes in. If applicable, acknowledge the emotional side of your audience’s pain points. This helps build trust and rapport — so not only are you positioning yourself as someone who has the knowledge to solve this pain point, but also as someone who cares about serving people with this particular pain point. 

Know the tone you need to take when speaking to your audience. Writing for busy moms will require a different tone than writing for millennial college students. 

  1. Teach your audience about their pain points, and about the solutions. 

As an example, I frequently see Instagram posts where fertility awareness instructors or NaPro Technology doctors discuss PCOS or estrogen dominance… which are two major pain points of someone potentially looking for NaPro treatment solutions that these professionals provide. 

This is exactly what I’m talking about – create content that positions you as an expert and shows that you can speak confidently and knowledgably about the person’s problem, but also about the solution. Your content can show you are a trusted source. Teach them something they didn’t know, but is helpful in understanding their struggle and in making a decision on a solution.

And further, you can write calls to action on these posts as an invitation. After you’ve positioned yourself as someone who understands and emphathizes with common pain points, this makes clear your intention to serve your audience. It reinforces a service and mission-driven approach.

Your Audience Need Relatable Holistic Health Content! 

Educating your audience on their needs is a big part of working towards successfully closing a sale. Content that educates your audience on their needs in a way that is relatable, impactful, & effective is one step towards closing sales & meeting your ideal buyers where they’re at.

Questions about creating content that builds relationships & connects with your ideal clients? Contact me to book a call where we can discuss your audience, your content, & how to connect the two 🙂 


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