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Yes, a blog is still essential for your business. Here’s why.

If you scour the internet long enough, you’ll find lots of opinion pieces and (ironically) blog posts talking about why blogs are dead and obsolete when it comes to content marketing for your business. 

The claim is that video and social media are now the priority. The consumer doesn’t read. They’d rather spend more time watching Tik Tok videos and scrolling Instagram than read a blog. 

Maybe some people, but not all people. And definitely not every member of *your* target audience. But don’t just take it from me. Read how 20 successful entrepreneurs are using blogs to grow their businesses and reach their audiences. 


Because no matter how many social media platforms pop up and become *the thing*, a blog post will ALWAYS be able to do what social media can’t do by itself. In fact, I go so far as to say that your blog is the FOUNDATION of your digital marketing strategy. 

Let’s explore this further. 

A blog is the foundation of your digital marketing strategy.

In a blog post ranging anywhere from 500 to 1000 or more words, you can get *much* more in depth and detailed than you can on other platforms. In a blog post, you explore an idea from multiple angles. Lots of smaller pieces of information come together to be cohesive. 

A blog is the foundation of your digital marketing strategy — meaning you can start by writing a blog, and draw out social media and email content for various platforms from there. This is how we plan content strategy at Coffey Copy + Content. 

Your blog post is the starting place, and where you put the time, research, and creativity. Once you’ve written it, you now have a solid month’s worth of social media content in front of you. Repurpose sentences, paragraphs, and ideas from that post according to each platform’s requirements. 

So a blog post does the hard work for you by making your content strategy more cohesive. It streamlines the process so you can easily repurpose content. This saves you time, and effort 🙂 

Want to learn more about how we repurpose content and streamline strategy? Book a call! 

Drive website traffic to your website with a business blog. 

Let’s take a minute and appreciate the fact that with a blog post, you can get much more in depth on topics pertaining to your audience and their pain points. In fact, you can get crystal clear on your audience’s pain points and show that 1) understand them and 2) have a solution through well-written, engaging blog content. 

As we just discussed above, “drip content” — repurposing social media content from a blog post — can also drive people back to your website if they’re interested in learning more.

When they click back to your site and are met with high-converting website copy and killer calls-to-action, boom — they feel seen, heard, understood, and they trust you. Then they start clicking “purchase” or “book”. 🙂 

A blog allows you a place to get more in-depth and provide more value through educational and informative posts. If you don’t have a blog, you’re missing a golden opportunity to drive ideal clients back to your website — not to mention search engine optimization! 

You can easily (and thoroughly) show your expertise. 

On a related note, having more space to explore topics relevant to your audience helps to position you as an expert and build trust. If you’re a nutritionist and you write an in-depth post about the nutritional needs of your ideal client and educate on solutions, your reader will be stunned by how your content and call to action matches their pain points and needs like a glove. 

You’ll build trust and a reputation as a thought leader in your space. A blog, then, is a place where you can dive into pain points and educate, but also expound on your solutions to those pain points. 

A blog gives you more space to express and develop your brand voice.

Soooo much personality is shown through writing. If you want your audience to get to know, like, and trust you (and hello, this is absolutely necessary if you expect them to buy from you…) you need to start speaking with your unique brand voice through your blog. 

Value-packed, entertaining, and informational content your audience can trust = frequent visits to your site, and also builds trust and forms a relationship. 

And businesses are built and sales are closed because of *relationships*. 

Your business blog is essential! 

Whether you own a Catholic e-commerce business, or you’re providing holistic healthcare services to clients of a specific background… do yourself a favor and start a blog. It’s a golden opportunity to streamline content creation and strategy, and do the necessary work of communicating with your audience and meeting them where they are with value and solutions to their pain points. 


PS: I get it. Blogging takes time. If you’re struggling to make time to maintain this ESSENTIAL foundation of your digital marketing strategy, contact me and we can chat about blog content creation and management services! 


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