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5 Ways Your Business Benefits from Consistent Content

Content is the vehicle by which you deliver value to your audience. Consistent content delivers value regularly and ensures the value you’re trying to deliver will actually be seen and consumed by your ideal client.

Most businesses depend heavily on content. This is especially true for businesses who have an online presence (and let’s face it, we all need that in the age of COVID-19).

How else does your audience know you exist? How else does your audience know you care about the problems they have, and that you have a solution? They hear about you and from you, and receive value from you and build a rapport with you through content. 

…But writing content takes so much time! 

Yes, creating content can be a MAJOR time-suck. Business owners often know they need to be creating blog, email, and social media content but they honestly can’t find the time. And I get it. I sometimes struggle to do so in my own business, but I definitely see a return when I make it a priority. 

Yet content is a powerful means by which to connect with your audience. When leveraged consistently and strategically, blog, social media, and email content can help you build relationships with your ideal client, sell more, and ultimately scale your business.

When you’re feeling like content creation is a drag, remember that it’s a long game and consistency is key. Making an effort to consistently post and deliver content your audience cares about will pay off in the long run. 

Here are 5 ways your business will benefit from consistent content! Keep these in mind when you’re wondering if content creation is really worth it.

Consistent social media content captures attention. 

Social media is a fast-paced world. Studies have shown most users only scroll for a few seconds before clicking on something or taking an action that takes them away from their News Feed. 

Consistently posting valuable content on social media helps you build a rapport with those you’re hoping to serve. If you’re only posting once or twice a month (or less!), consider how beneficial building relationships and interacting with your target audience on social media would be for your lead generation efforts. Businesses are built by building relationships. Social media gives you abundant opportunities to do just that! 

Writing blog content (that your audience cares about) delivers value. 

As I’ve written in past posts, your blog can serve as the foundation of your digital marketing strategy. You can repurpose one blog post all month long to cut your content creation time in half.

It’s important to write about what your audience truly wants to hear about, though. Selling happens when the pain point you’re addressing or showing understanding of is the precise one your audience has. 

People hear about 10,000 ads a day and they only really care about a piece of content when it has particular relevance to their needs and lives. Providing helpful value in a blog post, and then repurposing that for other platforms, is the best way to capture attention and build a relationship with your audience.

Regular emails keep your audience thinking (and talking) about you. 

It’s fair to say that not everyone is on social media, or on social media regularly with an eye for businesses they want to work with. But it is safe to say that *most* people have an email address and check it with some regularity. 

That said, regular emails to your subscribers remind them on the most basic level that you and your product/service exist. It’s also a reminder of the great experience they had with you, which can lead to referrals and recommendations.

Growing your list and building a following of subscribers — and then regularly delivering value — keeps your name and business in the minds of potential buyers.

Consistent content keeps your audience informed. 

When you have a decent audience of followers or email subscribers who love your product or service and want to hear what you have to say, consistent content plays the very practical role of keeping them informed.

In this way, regular content moves your past and current customers through your sales cycle by alerting them to new offerings and what’s coming next from your business. 

Again, email is crucial here! Regular email newsletters can serve you well in this regard by updating your audience of already-loyal fans to services, products, offerings, or events that they may be interested in. 

Consistent (and repetitive) content will be heard. 

Don’t be afraid to repeat yourself when it comes to creating content. In fact, it’s necessary to lean in to a little repetition when it comes to content. The “Rule of 7” indicates that people typically need to hear sometimes SEVEN TIMES before they’ll consider taking action. Some studies bump this up to 10 or more times. 

This isn’t to say you should hit copy and paste on everything you post on your blog and social media. Rather, it’s a reminder to continue writing about your services, your products, your mission, your values, and providing value that resonates with your ideal client without worrying about saying the same thing twice. 

So what does it mean to be consistent?

So you know content creation needs to be consistent in order to be effective. But what does “consistent” mean? 

There are best practices (some say 3-5 posts per week, others argue for even more). From my perspective, consistency looks like a frequency that you can *actually keep up with* for the long term, and a frequency that is beneficial to your audience. 

This might look like one blog and email per month with a handful of social media posts per week, or a weekly blog post and 10 posts per week. Consider your audience, what they need and want, and what you can feasibly manage when it comes to content creation. 


Struggling to find consistency in content creation? Wondering what consistency means for your business? Contact me here and we can talk about what consistent content could look like for your business! 


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