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My name is Sarah Coffey and I’m the owner of Coffey Copy + Content, LLC.

Writing has always been my passion–beginning in first grade when my teacher was so impressed with a story I wrote about a school bus that she shared it with the rest of the class!

Since then, writing was always a key focus in any professional endeavor I pursued. In college, I worked several internships that gave me a wide range of writing experiences, from writing floor speeches for members of Congress, social media content for non-profits, or covering national and international news stories for Catholic News Service.

I graduated from a writing-intensive undergraduate program at Lindenwood University, earning a B.A. in History with honors. While there, I published work in peer-reviewed academic journals including The Confluence and Aletheia. I’m currently pursuing an M.A. in Sacred Theology from St. Joseph’s College of Maine.

After graduating, I worked several jobs trying to find my place in fields that never fulfilled me intellectually or creatively. I truly found my niche when I went back to my first love–writing–and began using that to help others.

I’m being honest when I say that I truly love being a freelance writer. My clients’ projects challenge me intellectually, and give me a sense of fulfillment when I step back and present them with a finished product that exceeds expectations. It’s satisfying to be able to use my gift of writing to help other businesses and non-profits reach the clients they want to reach and proclaim their own unique, important message. I love writing across a variety of niches, as I’m able to do now, as well.

I currently live in the St. Louis area with my husband, Jesse, and our two rescue cats–Stella and Cayden–who constantly keep us entertained! When I’m not writing or working with my awesome clients, I’m probably running, lifting weights, tending to my large collection of succulents and other unique plants, or traveling to some historic site or natural wonder of the world.

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