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Organic Conceptions

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The Joshua Chamberlain Society

The Joshua Chamberlain Society adopts wounded veterans and the families of deceased veterans and commits to providing support for the long term.

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What the Client Needed

  • JCS needed an overhaul of their web copy to boost their professional image and ensure consistency across the site.
  • The “About” page needed an update to reflect new changes to the organization and to include copy that was more relevant to the reader and those interested in working with JCS.
  • JCS wanted to emphasize more clearly with their web copy their mission as well as ways the public can support the organization.

My Solution

  • I crafted the “About” page to be more mission-focused and relevant to readers interested in participating and supporting JCS.
  • I edited and streamlined each “Hero” bio page to promote consistency and readability across the site.
  • I refreshed copy on the Home, Donate, and Event pages to make the copy more mission-focused to drive engagement and help promote fundraising goals.

“Sarah was a great pleasure to work with. She easily conveyed our marketing strategy and passion for mission into words. She was punctual and easy to work with. I would highly recommend her.” | Todd Nault, Executive Director of Operations

Encounter Grace

 Encounter Grace is events-based ministry empowering Catholic Christian women to build community, grow in holiness, and encounter God’s grace

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What the Client Needed

  • Encounter Grace wanted to convey their message and mission more clearly and concisely across the website.
  • The client desired additional content to provide more insight into what women can expect from their events and activities.
  • The client was looking for a more uniform messaging strategy that conveyed a higher level of professionalism to appeal to vendors and speakers.

My Solution

  • I restructured the Home, About, Events, and Contact pages to more directly and clearly answer the reader’s questions, “what is this? who is this? and how can this ministry help me?”.
  • I created wire frames to illustrate where and how new web copy would be organized on the page to better organize essential pieces of information and to convey a concise and clear train of thought.
  • I highlighted the main offerings of the ministry on the “Events” page to draw greater attention to the mission, as well as past and future opportunities available for the ministry’s target audience.

Client Testimonial

“As one of your 2019 clients, we can’t thank you enough for providing us with a comprehensive website overhaul complete with clearly articulated changes we should make to help us clearly share our business mission and events. We truly welcomed the professionalism and the quick turn-around that met our needs. We are fans for sure and highly recommend you to anyone/business who needs content editing/writing and a website set-up/revamp.” | Laura Roland