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Everything you need to provide your audience with high-value content, month after month.

Your blog is the foundation of your digital marketing strategy. Not only do blog posts gives you space to provide value, show your expertise, and identify with your audience’s pain points, but blog content can easily be repurposed for social media and email marketing to save time, drive traffic to your website, & expand your reach.

Save time & see results with done-for-you, evergreen blog posts AND social media content.

It’s clear that blogs are essential for business owners, but researching, writing, editing, and scheduling content takes TIME.
Content creation and management packages from Coffey Copy + Content include both blog posts AND social media content/management, plus varying levels of overarching strategy to give your content direction & focus.
I do the research, strategizing, writing, and repurposing for you!

The result? Content that engages your audience, resonates with their pain points, & compels them to action. Every single month.

Monthly Package Options

I offer a couple different packages to choose from to suit your needs. Each package is one flat monthly payment, and there is NO contract. However, content is a long-game. So I recommend planning to invest for at least 3-6 months to really start seeing results.

Don’t see what would really make your life easier? Custom packages and add-ons available!



– One 1000 word blog post per month
– Four social media posts per month
– One quarterly strategy call

Best for:

– The business owner who knows they need consistent content but doesn’t have time to write monthly blog posts
– The individual who doesn’t mind writing a few social media posts each month but would love to save time by having a blog post to repurpose



– One 1000 word blog post per month or two 500 word blog posts per month
– 4 social media posts/week (content + graphic creation)
– Long term content strategy in a working Google Doc
– Monthly strategy call

Best for:

– The business owner who wants to release high-value content regularly to position themselves as an expert & build trust
– The business owner looking for assistance in developing a manageable, productive, long-term content strategy
– The individual who doesn’t mind spending a little time scheduling and managing social media each month



– Two 500-800 word blog posts per month
– 6 social media posts/week(content + graphic creation)
– Scheduling posts on Facebook + Instagram
– Monthly strategy call
– Long term content strategy in a working Google Doc

Best for:

– The business owner who is committed to providing their audience with high-quality, strategic content regularly throughout each month
– The business owner who is looking to aggressively grow their social media reach & engagement
– The individual looking to completely outsource content creation and management

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Our monthly content creation + management packages equip you to…

– Build relationships + show expertise with informative, value-packed blog posts. 
– Drive traffic to your website with regular content. 
– Gain social media content by easily repurposing blog post content. 
– Grow social media reach + engagement. 
– Save time by outsourcing content creation + management tasks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need regular blog content? Aren’t most people on social media these days?

A lot of people are on social media, but not everyone! Blogs play a crucial role in running a business. In fact, they can serve as the foundation of your digital marketing strategy. Building your content & marketing strategy around your blog content can help you know exactly what to write in your emails, what to post on social media, and what to talk about on IG/FB Lives every month. In addition, blog posts drive traffic to your website and can dramatically boost search engine optimization!

A blog post gives you space to get in-depth into your subject matter, showing your expertise. It helps you provide value and build trust with your audience. When time and energy is devoted to blog content creation, other types of content can be drawn from a blog post for use on other platforms all month long. This idea of “drip content” is what has driven the creation of these specific packages!

Why should I invest in a content creation package instead of writing content myself?

After polling lots of my social media followers – most who are small business owners – many lamented the fact that they know they need regular content, but never find time to write regular blog posts. Investing in a content creation package helps you save time while still reaping the benefits of consistent content creation!

I do the research, writing, and repurposing for you while formulating an overarching strategy to help you achieve your goals and give focus to your content. Each package includes social media content creation, but even just having a monthly blog post written for you gives you plenty of content that you can repurpose for a variety of different platforms.

How do these content creation packages work? Do I have to sign a contract?

Nope, no contract. Here’s how it works. Once you submit an inquiry form, I’ll reach out to schedule a call with you where we’ll discuss your business, your content needs, and determine which package is a great fit for you. We’ll sign a letter of agreement and set up your recurring invoice. Then we’ll plan an in-depth strategy call where we’ll talk in great detail about your goals, your audience, content topic ideas, and strategy (if included in your package). We’ll set a monthly “due date” so you know when to expect your content to arrive in your Google Drive.

I like the idea of a monthly content creation package, but I don’t see what I need. Are there other options?

If you don’t see what you need in the Startup, Growth, or Pro packages, let me know! I can put together a custom package based on the unique content needs of your business. We can also add additional blog posts, social media captions + graphics, and scheduling/posting to any package, as well. Fill out the inquiry form to get started!

Relationship-building content, done for you.
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