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Blue Edge Business Solutions | Digital Marketing Agency 

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Wanderer Catholic | Catholic E-Commerce Store

5 Ways to Bring Prayer Into Your Next Hike

Hygge Can Be Holy 

How to Pray Like a Saint

ProSolar Florida | Leading solar energy installer in Southeast Florida

4 Common Solar Energy Myths Debunked

Solar Energy By the Numbers

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ProSolar Florida

McIntosh Realty Team

Savannah Car Rental

Blue Edge Business Solutions

Additional Writing

I am a regular contributor to Catholic Women in Business and Grotto Network

In college, I worked as an intern for Catholic News Service and wrote extensively on events and Catholic news in Washington, D.C. and the rest of the United States.  

As a student I also published papers in two peer-reviewed journals: one was about Catholicism in China, and the other explored the experience of German Catholic immigrants in St. Louis. 

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